Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology

The BSA places a strong emphasis on holistic development and provides a comprehensive wellbeing and Sports Psychology service to athletes. This is done through a series of education workshops, small group workshops and one on one consults with one of the BSA’s wellbeing/Sports Psychology team.
When speaking about wellbeing there are a range of different factors that can impact on athletic performance, as well as our every day health and wellbeing. Sleep, stress, diet, exercise and mindfulness are just some of the topics we will look at within our wellbeing workshops to ensure you are functioning at your best.

Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology involves the study of how our mental processes can affect our sporting performance and behaviour. Using a variety of techniques and strategies, a professional can support you to increase your awareness and control of these mental processes, which can minimize the negative effect they can have on your performance and wellbeing.
It is important to remember that you do not have to have something going wrong to seek support. Developing your mental skills is a really important part of your development as an athlete and a person, just like your physical skills. Of course sometimes we experience some tough times, whether that be in our sporting lives or our personal lives. Our support people are there to help you through the tough times too.

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Athlete Mentoring
Many athletes begin their pursuit of a higher goal due to the inspiration provided by an elite athlete or high achieving individual. The BSA mentoring program aims to match leaders within our community with our aspiring athletes in order to assist them in understanding the challenges and demands commonly faced by aspiring athletes.
Focus will be on achieving a life balance, having self belief, recognizing the requirements and being resilient to the hurdles that they will face.

The BSA will utilize the services of top level past and present athletes as well as individual leaders from a wide sector of the community.  Registrations will be on a 'first in' basis, so keep an eye out for promotion via email and facebook.

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