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Musculoskeletal Screening

The BSA partners with Corio Bay Health Group to provide Musculoskeletal for BSA athletes. Physiotherapists who screen athletes have experience and expertise in their allocated sport and a passion for developing highly talented athletes.

Athletes are put through a specific, detailed assessment of posture, range of movement, balance, flexibility and control of muscles, skeletal and muscular imbalances as well as joints and nerves specific to each sport. 
Athlete’s musculoskeletal profiles will be used by the BSA S&C team as well as sporting coaches to develop programs that will not only improve sporting performance but also prevent overuse injuries. 
All first year athletes will be screened, along with any returning athletes who have sustained an injury or are concerned with a particular condition. 
Please consult with Chelsey if you are a returning athlete and are unsure of whether you are to be screened. 
Justin Edwards  - Athletics and Soccer
Ash Cannan - Individual Scholarship Holders
George Atkins - Netball
Sarah Henderson - Netball
Sam Rice - Beach Volleyball
Wade Byrnes - Tennis
Chris Stewart - Sailing
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