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    Barwon Sports Academy

    Developing Athletes and Communities
  • Barwon Sports Academy

    Barwon Sports Academy

    Providing pathways for aspiring athletes

Official Documents

The BSA has a series of documents and policies that are used to guide the organisation in its quest to be a leading provider in Athlete Development. These documents not only provide direction to the core service that the BSA provides but also sets the standards that the BSA strives to abide by.

- Trademark

- Strategic Plan

- Constitution

- Athlete Code of Conduct



- Social Media Policy

- Injured/Unwell Athlete Policy

- Anti Doping Policy


Child Protection Documents

BSA Child Protection policy

BSA Child Safety Code of Conduct

Vic Sport Child Protection policy guidelines: Responding to and reporting students at risk of harm

BSA Working with Children policy


Staff/Coaches forms

- Employment agreement

- Coach/Staff details

- Statement of Supplier

BSA Online training procedures for BSA staff/coaches

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