• Barwon Sports Academy

    Barwon Sports Academy

    Developing Athletes and Communities

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  • Barwon Sports Academy

    Barwon Sports Academy

    Developing Athletes and Communities

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What a week for Mitch!!

What a week for Mitch!!

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The BSA kicked off its first Education Session for the year with Jake Briggs from Leading Teams.

The session was held at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club and had 70 athletes in attendance.

The BSA trademark behaviours have been developed by the athletes for the athletes. It is expected that all athletes and staff use them as expected behaviours.

To ensure we live our trademarks & show leadership, we must;
1. Model the right behaviours
2. Challenge counterproductive behaviours (remind each other of behaviours we do not tolerate
3. Reward the positive behaviours. (Say thanks and well done when you see expected behaviours)

The BSA trademark can be found here.

  • Athlete Wellbeing and Sports Psychology

    Athlete Wellbeing and Sports Psychology

    The BSA places a strong emphasis on holistic development and provides a comprehensive wellbeing and Sports Psychology service to athletes. This is done through a series of education workshops, small group workshops and one on one consults with one of the BSA’s wellbeing/Sports Psychology team.

    When speaking about wellbeing there are a range of different factors that can impact on athletic performance, as well as our every day health and wellbeing. Sleep, stress, diet, exercise and mindfulness are just some of the topics we will look at within our wellbeing workshops to ensure you are functioning at your best.

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  • Medical Network & Injury Prevention

    Medical Network & Injury Prevention

    The BSA has an extensive Medical Network coordinated by Justin Edwards from Corio Bay Health Group. Athletes are provided with benefits such as priority access and a discounted consult rate. 

    The Medical Network includes physiotherapists, sports doctors, sports psychologists, massage therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, dieticians and diagnostic imaging. 
  • Sport Specific Skill Development

    Sport Specific Skill Development

    Each BSA partner sport provides sport specific practical training opportunities for their athletes. These sessions are of an elite standard and will most often be conducted by a specialist coach of either State or National level.

    The format for each sport’s practical program will be developed to service the needs of the athletes and compliment the training and competition loads.

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  • Strength & Conditioning

    Strength & Conditioning

    The aim of the BSA Strength and Conditioning (S&C) program is to educate athletes on the importance of S&C as both a performance enhancing and injury prevention measure.

    Each partner sport is allocated a set S&C schedule. Sessions address the components of fitness specific to that sport and take into consideration the development level of the athlete, current training load and competition period of that sport.

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  • Athlete Education

    Athlete Education

    The Athlete Education Program provides personal and sporting development opportunities to athletes through a series of workshops relevant to the holistic development of highly talented athletes.

    The aim of the program is  to assist athletes in achieving their full potential through the education and practical application of balance in sport and life. The BSA places a strong emphasis on utilising the highly knowledgeable and experienced pool of expert presenters that exist within the Barwon Region.
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